Monday, June 30, 2008

SP di ITTelkom = Sembako Party?


Emang yah.. Orang-orang bego kayak gw nasibnya emang sedih banget...

Apalagi di kampus gw... hal kayak begitu berlaku banget. Salah satu contohnya adalah SP.

SP, or orang banyak bilang Semester Pendek adalah salah satu hal yang paling istimewa di kampus gw. Ada beberapa perbedaan or yang bikin SP di kampus gw bener-bener spesial :

1. SP = Semesternya orang-orang bego. Kok Bisa? Ya bisa lah! Mahasiswa yang berhak ngambil SP adalah mahasiswa yang mengulang matakuliah bersangkutan. Kalo ngambil atas? Gak ada yang namanya cerita ambil Matakuliah atas or Matkul yang belom pernah diambil, Matakuliah SP adalah matakuliah yang sudah pernah diambil dan hanya untuk diperbaiki. Well, mahasiswa yang ngambil SP = yang bego2 di matkul tersebut, donk? Yaiyalah, kalo gak Bego, ngapain juga ngulang Matkul yang udah bagus nilainya....?

2. SP = Semester dosen permainin Mahasiswa. Nah, lo! Apaan lagi ney?? Yaiya lah, masa yaiya donk! Ada beberapa dosen di kampus gw yang merasa "SOK JUAL MAHAL" dan "SOK DIBUTUHKAN". So, mereka rata-rata gak membuka matakuliah SP sampai-sampai banyak mahasiswa yang memohon-mohon mereka buat ngebuka matakuliah bersangkutan. Salah satunya adalah gw yang mengumpulkan calon peserta SP suatu Matkul yang berjumlah 50 mahasiswa lebih buat ngemohon dosen ngebuka Matkul tersebut... well, dengan gamblangnya, dosen cuman ngomong : "Waduh... SP itu kerja tambahan, dosen kan juga butuh liburan". Ada juga yang bilang "Duh, saya aja belum selesai meriksa ujian matakuliah reguler, gimana nanti pas SP?". Trus, ada juga dosen lain yang bilang : "saya paling tidak mau dipermainkan mahasiswa. Kalau saya tidak mengizinkan SP, ya tidak akan ada SP matkul tersebut".

3. SP = Sembako Party. Well, kalo yang ini, gw bener-bener kesiksa. Udah lah, akuin aja, mahasiswa ITTelkom rata-rata emang pada gak disiplin. Apalagi kumpulan orang-orang bego yang pada ngambil SP. Udah Bego, Gak disiplin lagi... kasian banget siyh hidup lo... Ngantri registrasi SP aja udah kayak ngantri sembako. Maen nyelip-nyelip, ngedesek, motong antrian orang, gak punya budaya antri banget siyh lo! Apalagi, pihak kampus gak mau ngurusin yang beginian. Kan kampus bisa bikin garis antrian! Minimal, bikin donk "HARAP ANTRI DENGAN TERTIB"! Or skalian aja panggil satpam! Jangan kayak kampus susah, deh! Loe bayangin aja, gw nganri dari jam 10.15 sampe jam 13.30 (hampir 3 jam stengah, man!). Dan yang paling gw kesel, banyak aja gitu orang yang baru pada dateng langsung nyelak di antrian depan dengan santainya sambil ketawa-ketawa gak berdosa. Ya, at least, gw masih belum ikhlas elo-elo pada nyelak di depan gw. hmm... nilai hancur cuma gara-gara loe nyelak hak orang... inget, rezeki haram, man!

Niy beberapa hasil capturan foto-foto waktu ngantri registrasi SP (Sembako Party) hari Senin/30 Juni 2008 (10.15 - 13.30) :

note : gw minta maaf buat elo-elo yang pada tersinggung. Tapi, kenyataan, Man!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bill Gates Teared His Eyes when He Left Microsoft

Redmond, Washington - quoted from from Xinhua, Saturday (6/28/2008), Bill Gates couldn't stand tearing his eyes when he left his friends in Microsoft. Started from June 27, 2008 US Time, or June 28,2008 GMT+07.00 Time, would be the end of days of Gates struggling with his business in Microsoft.

Of course, after years struggling on developing the Giant Software Company,Microsoft which is released by Gates and his little friend, Paul Allen in 1975, there are sweet and bitter memories they had worked with.

"There is no day in my life when I'm not thinking about Microsoft" Gates stated with weeping eyes when he farewelled from the Company of Microsoft,Redmond,Washington.

Being free from Microsoft, Gates will be more focused on Bill and Mellinda Gates Foundation, The World's Biggest Foundation built by gates and his wife in 1994. This couple which is estimated to be the couple having riches about USD 58 Billion-majority is the stock of Microsoft, will contribute most of parts of their riches to their charity foundation.

from http://detikinet.com

Friday, June 27, 2008

Deletemusic = Worm that Eats Music

Virus writers have unleashed a worm that attempts to delete MP3 files from infected machines.

The Deletemusic worm spreads via removable devices. As soon as an infected device is accessed the worm will be executed. Thereafter it copies itself onto all drives, including removable devices, and executes whenever Windows is started up on compromised PCs.

The worm is spreading, albeit modestly, causing a small number of infections. Anti-virus vendors such as Symantec rate it as a low to no-risk threat.

Malware capable of zapping MP3 files is rare but far from unprecedented. The Klez-F worm, for example, which was widespread in 2002, overwrote MP3 files (and other file types) on certain days of the month. The Scrambler worm was programmed to scramble MP3 files to sound like a scratched record while the Mylife-G worm overwrote MP3 files with the words "my lIfE".

None of these items of malware made any attempt to differentiate between legitimate and illegitimately obtained music files.

The authors of Deletemusic - the latest example of the genre - remain unknown. Vigilante virus writers or mischief makers are the probable perps though the involvement of music industry itself in some form or another isn't entirely implausible, given past form.

Either way the consequences of infection are serious for infected Windows users.

"With so many people relying on their PCs to store their digital music, rather than physical CDs, a worm capable of deleting an entire MP3 collection could leave someone thousands of pounds out of pocket," said Orla Cox, Security Operations Manager, Symantec Security Response. "We would recommend all users with MP3 files on their PCs to remain cautious about the removable media devices they are using in their machines."

from : http://www.theregister.co.uk

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


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Indoneasia's CDMA Fastest Growing in South East Asia

Jakarta - Indonesia is claimed as the fastest growing country for Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) based telephone.

CDMA Development Group (CDG) shows the data of cdma based phone user in Indonesia untill the end of first quarter of 2008 reaching 16,3 million users.

"16,3 million makes Indonesia as the country having the most growing CDMA users in South East Asia" Chief Officer CDG, Jamer Person said in the press confrence at Hotel Ritz Carlton, Jakarta, Tuesday (6/24/2008).

In the end of 2006, Indonesia has only 7,8 million CDMA users. But in the end of 2007, Indonesia has double ammount of users, which is 14,4 million. This phenomenon happens because there are many Telecommunication operators rise with their new CDMA product. The operators in Indonesia offering cdma are : Telkom (Flexi), Indosat (StarOne), Bakrie Telecom (Esia), Mobile-8 Telecom (Fren dan Hepi), Smart Telecom (Smart) dan Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Ceria).

In this opportunity, CDG also shows the data of 451 million CDMA users in this world. This number are not only representing the data of CDMAOne users, but also the data of CDMA2000 users. 

CDG is a trading assosiation made to support the world's development, implemmentation, and using of CDMA 2000 technology. More than 130 members of CDG are the world's biggest companies of  nirkable carrier manufacturs.

Monday, June 23, 2008


A new Virus has been found, and grouped by MICROSOFT as The Most Damaging VIRUS!! The Virus was found by McAfee. But the trouble is : the vaccine for killing this virus has not been found untill now.

This Virus destroys Zero Sector from the Harddisk, which save the most important information function.

This is how the virus attacts our computer :

1.  Automatically, this virus will be sent to all the name on the address list tittled "A Card For You" (Une Carte Pour Vous)

2. If this card is opened, this virus will freeze the computer and the user must restart it from the begining. 

3. The most destroying thing is : If the user presses  CTRL+ALT+DEL or the command for restarting, the Virus will destroy The Zero Sector of the Boot Hard Disk, so that the hard disk will be permanently damaged.

based on CNN, in the couple of hours, this Virus has panicked the whole NEW YORK. This announcement has been received by the employee of Microsoft itself. 

So, the point is : Do not open any kind of email tittled "A VIRTUAL CARD FOR YOU" (Une Carte Virtuelle Pour Vous) and alway Update your Anti Virus.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gigi bungsu ku tumbuh = SAKIT

3 hari belakangan ini Si Empu meringis gak karuan..
hampir tiap Jam si-Empu sir Vicky Potter nahan rasa sakit yang buanget2 [lebay].....

Tapi, emang bener, kata kebanyakan orang kalo gigi bungsu alias gigi paling blakang mau keluar, biasanya sakitnya minta ampun. Ibarat kata jin, biasanya kalo si dukun minta sesuatu, si Jin biasa minta yang macem2.... nah, kalo gigi bungsu biasanya minta tumbal rasa sakit...
hix.. hix... (>o<)>

Ketika memasuki umur yang ke-21, Sir Vicky Potter mulai ngerasa ada sesuatu yang janggal pada graham bagian kanan bawah... pertama siyh okay2 aja.. tapi kok, jadi makin sakit??
huuuuaaaaaa <(T0T)> bahkan makan aja k'siksanya minta ampun, yang namanya ngunyah udah kayak maling PGA digigit anjing = "aing-aing, anjing, aing sakit, euy!"

dan, makin repotnya lagi, badan gw jadi pusing n panas demam di hari pertama n kedua karena gusi blakang gw ternyata BENGKAK

nah, sesuai gambar yang diatas, ternyata pertumbuhan gigi blakang itu memang cukup merepotkan bagi sebahagian orang. Sesuai referensi dari sumber lain, gigi bungsu or biasa orang bule sebut dengan "wisdom teeth" ini biasa tumbuh pada usia 18 sampai dengan 25tahun-an.

Dengan adanya perkembangan evolusi manusia, gigi graham bungsu ini sering tumbuh secara tidak normal. ada yang tumbuh ke arah pipi, lidah, mendesak ke gigi sebelah, or bahkan impaksi (tidak dapat tumbuh dan terpendam).

selain keluhan lokal dalam mulut, si gigi ini biasa juga menimbulkan migran, sakit kepala, sakit leher, bahkan bisa menyebabkan sakit wajah dan kepala kronis. nah, Bila keadaan tersebut terjadi, Dokter biasanya menyarankan untuk eliminasi gigi dengan operasi minor klinik gigi.

Nah, kurang lebih kayak gitu deh kira-kira permasalah pada gigi bungsu. Tapi, gw siyh coba bertahan pada rasa sabar aja.. xixixi... moga dengan sakit yang gw derita ini, Tuhan bisa ngasih gw petunjuk agar bisa jadi orang yang lebih bijaksana (kan, wisdom teeth^^). amin...

kalo Tips dari gw siyh, cukup aja minum PONSTANT (ups, sebut merk =P), asal jangan beli di warung BSM (Bapak Slow Motion depan mas-Jok deket kampus gw). Harganya mahal sekali, Bung!! Masa, gw beli di t4 dy dan si ibu penjual toko ngasih harga Rp2000 per biji. Karena gw sakit, gw beli donk! tapi pas malemnya, gw beli di warung depan Raflesh Campur (deket kampus gw juga), harganya cukup Rp 600 saja per biji. Eh, buseeet.....

Makanya... berhati-hatilah, kawan....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Never Stop Laughing...

HHhahahah.... I just can't stop laughing when i see this Video...

How stupid they are... hahahahha.... =))

[watch out carefully....]

Mr. Rubber is Back...!! \(^0^)9

Finally.. setelah sekian lama...

Akhirnya si Mr. Rubber kembali dengan keadaan yang penuh semangat dalam menghadapi hari ke hari. Setelah mengalami Hibernasi hampir 2 bulan lebih, lho!!!

Pada tau gak kenapa si Mr. Rubber gak bisa berkutik dan hibernasi cukup panjang???

jawabannya adalah... banyaknya kejadian-kejadian yang menyenangkan dan menyakitkan yang menghampiri si-Empu-nya Mr.Rubber = Sir Vicky Potter

1. Selama Hibernasi, Sir Vicky Potter disibukki oleh perkuliahan yang sangat menyibukkan [halah]. Yang walhasil : nilainya jg belum terlalu memuaskan.. hix..hix..

2. Organisasi? humm.. lagi-lagi organisasi... Tapi sekarang Unit Kebudayaan Betawi (UKB IT Telkom) udah resmi terbentuk, dan Si-Empu jadi Ketuanya, Lho.. (^^,)

3. Si Empu Ulang Tahun tanggal 29Mei, jadi beliau memutuskan untuk merenungkan nasib dan tujuan hidupnya^^

4. YANG PALING PARAH!!! YANG PALING MEMBUAT KESAL!!! YANG PALING... DAMN..!!! LAGI-LAGI SOAL SPEEDY THE SLEEPY!! yang kali ini lebih parah lagi... selama bulan MEI, speedy di kosan harus nyala hanya total max 6 hari!!! dan yang paling-paling-paling parah lagi : KAMI BAYAR 850rb dan tidak ada kompensasi sama sekali!!! :MAD: selengkapnya ada di posting selanjutnya!!

fyuuh... [sabaar..]

Tapi.. ya bgitulah... ternyata selama Mr.Rubber vakum, banyak sekali hina-an, cercaa-an, sindir-an, bahkan lemparan lemparan batu (kalo yang ini lebay Xp) yang menghampri Sir Vicky Potter. Mulai dari : "rubbertime is dead?", "where the Fcuk is ur rubber?", "udah bosen ngeblog?", "si-RS ada di balik semua kejadian ini", dan lain sebagainya...

sakit memang.. tapi.. ya.. for me :


Blog is a media 4 sharing information and expressing my mind...

so, if you ask me why i didn't blog at the time, I've given u the asnwer...

MR.RUBBER IS READY!!!! \(^0^)9